Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stop the Facebook Feed MADNESS!!

August 28, 2013

Ever wondered how in the heck your Facebook feed is piled with things that are of no interest to you? Who are these people anyway? Well, to avoid the drama and hurt feelings of unfriending people....(dun dunn dunnnnnnn) you are only mildly connected to, you can organize your facebook friends. The important ones will display the things you want to see in your feed and the less interesting posts won't show at all or less frequently, because let's be honest.... who has the time??

Clean up the Facebook Feed Clutter: 

Tip #1: Click on any friend's name and on the friends button, you will see a list of options to customize how that friend relates to you. Turn on/off notifications, turn on/off display updates in your feed. etc.
Tip #2: Go to to get your friends list in order.

Click below for a YouTube breakdown 

Here is a comical skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live about National Unfriend Day NUD as it's called on November 17th of each year. Help cut out some of the friend fat.  ;)


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